Some patients are treated by their primary healthcare provider or family doctor for their symptoms. Either of these providers may refer you to The Albany Clinic for a consultation. We may refer you to a qualified mental health care provider if you do not have one.
The Albany Clinic is located at 35 Albany Rd, Suite A in Carbondale, IL 62903. We have a map on our website which will help you locate us.

No, patients may not schedule their own procedures. Patients may make their own appointment for a consultation, but no procedure will be done without a pre-procedural psychological evaluation by a qualified healthcare provider.

Yes, you must bring someone with you who can drive you home. You will be monitored after the procedure to make sure that you can safely leave the clinic. You may not drive or operate heavy machinery the day of the procedure.
You will not be able to return to work on the day of the procedure. You can, however, return to work on the following day providing that no complications arise.
You may request a consultation through our website. Anyone may request a consultation, however, no procedure will be scheduled without an evaluation by a qualified healthcare provider.
We will accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards. If paying by personal check, we must receive the check 3-5 days prior to the date of your procedure.
We will give you written instructions on how to prepare and what to expect before the procedure. The instructions for each patient will be individualized according to overall health history and medication history.
Patients who are candidates for IV Drug Infusion Therapy have no restrictions on medications that they routinely take. However patients who are scheduled for an SGB, must withhold blood thinners in accordance with recommendations from their prescribing physician.

IV Drug Infusion Therapy (IV-DIT)

The success rate of IV-DIT as an intervention for Treatment-Resistant Depression is high, but it is subject to the individual’s severity of symptoms. The vast majority of patients experience a significant reduction in their symptoms.
The IV form of ketamine has been FDA approved as an anesthetic agent for decades, however, it’s use as a rapid acting antidepressant has not been studied by the FDA for that purpose. Consequently, its use as an antidepressant is considered “off-label”.
The term “off-label” indicates that a medication is being used in a manner for which the FDA has not performed clinical trials. “Off label” uses of medications are common in medicine and are considered appropriate. As an example, aspirin has never received FDA approval for the primary prevention of a heart attack, but it is recommended by the American Heart Association for that specific use.
Some insurances may cover the cost of IV Drug Infusion Therapy. We will provide you with all the documentation necessary to submit a claim, however, we must have payment in full prior to the procedure.
The cost for one session, or one infusion is $450 which must be paid at the time of administration. The cost may be more if additional medications are added to the infusion.
Most patients will require more than one infusion even though many will receive significant relief with the initial infusion. Many other clinics will require patients to pay the cost of two or more infusions at the time of the first infusion. At the Albany Clinic, however, we will only require payment for the treatment being given that day.
The relief of symptoms varies according to the individual patient, however most patients experience significant relief almost immediately following the infusion. It has also been shown that relief of suicidal ideation can occur within minutes to hours of IV infusion of ketamine.
Yes. After your infusion, you will need to have a follow-up by your mental health care provider. Dr. Garwin and your mental health care provider will determine whether you will need to schedule a subsequent infusion.

Stellate Ganglion Block

Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) is a safe procedure that has been in wide medical use since the 1920’s. An injection of a long-acting local anesthetic is placed around a collection of nerves located on the right side of the neck. These nerves control the “fight or flight” response of the sympathetic nervous system. The Albany Clinic performs SGB using ultrasound guidance, a state-of-the-art technology that allows for better visualization of anatomical structures.
Over 70% of patients receiving an SGB experience significant relief of their PTSD symptoms almost immediately, however, a significant number of patients will request a second SGB several weeks later to further reduce their symptoms.
At present, many insurers, including the VA, do not cover the cost of SGB although some may. We will provide you with all the documentation necessary to submit a claim, however, we must have payment in full prior to the procedure.
The cost for an SGB injection is $1125 which must be paid at the time of administration.
Most patients experience significant relief of their PTSD symptoms for weeks to months and occasionally permanently. Most patients however will request another SGB if their symptoms reoccur.
Some will require more than one SGB, however each patient responds uniquely and some may get sufficient relief of symptoms with only one SGB. It is important to follow through with the mental health strategy that your provider has made for you, as SGB is not meant to be the sole treatment for your symptoms.
Yes. You must maintain your relationship with your mental healthcare provider and continue to participate in your mental health treatment strategy.

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We offer your initial consultation free of charge! To schedule a consultation please fill out our contact form. Consultations do not require a referral, however, candidates for treatment need to be in the care of a mental healthcare provider. For general inquiries please contact us via phone or email.